Washing Machine Dimensions – Standard, Slimline & Compact [With Examples]

Washing Machine Dimensions – Standard, Slimline & Compact [With Examples]

If you’re looking for a new washing machine, you need to be REALLY careful when looking at dimensions. Quoted washing machine dimensions can be a bit misleading, and here’s why…

Different manufacturers give their washing machine dimensions from different points on the appliance. There’s a quick guide to what to look out for, below this sizing guide.

Washing Machine Dimensions

Our quick guide below covers typical dimensions for three types of UK washing machines:

  • Standard
  • Compact
  • Slimline

Most manufacturers (and suppliers) will have a “specification” page. This should include a diagram with not just the dimensions, but exactly what those dimensions relate to.

Standard Washing Machine Dimensions

This is going to depend on the KG load. But, typically, you’ll see sizes around 60cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 85cm (height).

Don’t just guess though. For instance, the Hotpoint WMBF944P is one of the best sellers on the internet, and that’s 60.5 x 59.5 x 85 cm.

Compact Washing Machines Dimensions

Most compact washing machines utilise the same width (60cm) and height (85cm). Where you save space here, is depth. Typically, you’d expect a depth of 50cm on a compact machine.

Do You Need A Compact Washing Machine?

You’ll want a compact washing machine if you’re looking to space in terms of unit depth. For instance, behind the washing machine, there are pipes, so a standard 60cm deep washing machine would stick out.

You might see these being called “slim depth” washing machines. An example would be the Beko WTG841B2W, which is 54cm, rather than 60cm in depth.

Slimline Washing Machines Dimensions

With a slimline washing machine, dimensions are the same in terms of height (85cm) and depth (60cm), but the width tends to be smaller.

These aren’t as popular as compact washing machines, so there isn’t as much choice. An example is the Essentials CDW45W16, which is 44.8cm wide.

Do You Need A Slimline Washing Machine?

You’ll want a slimline washing machine if the size, in terms of width, is too big on a standard machine. Basically, if you’re lacking space in between kitchen units, the slimline is for you. For instance, those using large and unconventional ovens (such as Aga ovens).

Washing Machine Sizing Problems

If you’re short on space, you need to check exactly where the measurements are being taken from. Here’s a few things to consider when looking at specification diagrams that list dimensions.

Problem 1: Dials

When I moved into my first property, there was an obvious space for my washing machine, plumbed and ready to go.

The problem? The kitchen was L-shaped, and the washing machine and dishwasher were both plumbed into the corner, next to each other.

Guess what happened when the dishwasher was opened? Yup, it caught the dial and smashed it off the front of my washing machine; bad news.

What To Consider: Dials

If you’re likely to have a similar scenario to the above, make sure you check the dimensions include the dials.

And, if you need a large appliance, you can either move plumbed pipework to a new location, or have a carpenter adjust the kitchen unit that’s next to it.

Problem 2: Washing Machine Pipework

The reason the dishwasher hit the washing machine dials in the example above, was because external pipework ON the washing machine, pushed the appliance 30-40mm out from where it looked like it would fit.

What To Consider: Washing Machine Pipework

Check the washing machine dimensions you’re looking at include external pipework. If the don’t, there’s a chance it won’t fit. So, you’ll need a compact machine instead.

Problem 3: Plumbing Pipework

Another thing to consider when measuring up, is to make sure you measure from the pipework, to the front of your kitchen unit (not the back of the wall); assuming your pipework is located directly behind the washing machine.

What To Consider: Plumbing Pipework

If you’re looking for a large washing machine with a big load capacity, there’s a chance you may need a plumber in to re-pipe. With existing pipework already in place, this isn’t a huge job.

What’s Next?

Thanks to reading our quick-fire guide to washing machine dimensions.

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